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 Burger boy banned.... you cant be kidding me

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Burger boy banned.... you cant be kidding me Empty
PostSubject: Burger boy banned.... you cant be kidding me   Burger boy banned.... you cant be kidding me Icon_minitimeSun Aug 28, 2011 1:42 pm

Account Name: Burger boy

Date & Time Of Ban/Jail/Mute: saturday august 27th

Who Banned/Jailed/Muted You?:carsoluk

Why Were You Banned/Jailed/Muted?: i was banned trying to get rikuas back because i saw carsoluk saying that he hates rikua and she shouldnt be owner so i keep up and i said why you hating on her she didnt do nothing to u or me or anybody on server then i said georgia told turb and turb said no problem then he threatened to mute me he was like if u dont shut up im going to mute you then i said im not scared..u cant mute me for getting a friends back then he said ur right ull just unmute yourself then 5 minutes later i got dced and it said your account has been disabled...i was banned for getting a friends back because thats what friends are for Very Happy

Why Should You Be Unbanned/Unjailed/Unmuted?: i should be unbanned because im a nice and helpful player im on everyday i have a good relationship with staff members and im active Very Happy i would of got pictures but i forgot to but i know how Very Happy
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Burger boy banned.... you cant be kidding me
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