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 Burger Boy for administrator [ i was mod for 5 or more days but that doesnt matter ]

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PostSubject: Burger Boy for administrator [ i was mod for 5 or more days but that doesnt matter ]   Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:18 am

1. Username Ingame : Burger boy ] [ forums name : Burger girl

2. Age: 13 but im almost 14 and i have very good expierence as staff and im mature enought for administrator

3. Location: Ottawa Ontario

4. Do you have experience of being an admin/mod on another server(s)?: (Don't lie because we will find out) : yes

5. If yes, what ones? : owner and devoloper on divine-pkerz mod on runelife and forgivennesspkz and admin on tribulation x and pk-vantage

6. Why should we choose you to be a admin?: well you should choose me as admin because one im a very respectful player two i am always active and i try my best to get players and i encourage players to donate to keep us alive

7. Any coding experience?: yes . yes i do

8. What will you do to improve the server?: what i will do to improve the server is bring players and help them out etc and find glitches and dupeing and tell turb so he can fix and be active everyday so if a player needs help they can ask me

9. Will you abuse your powers?: no i will never abuse my powers i promise

10. How would you ban a hacker?: i will tell the hacker you are banned for the following reason HACKING

11."A player starts spamming the server with an auto shout". What would you do in this situation? : i will give them 2 warnings and if they dont stop i will mute them for 24 [ buy if they spam flaming the server i will ipmute them

12. What will you do if a person asks you for an item?: i will say sorry mate im not aloud sorry ::rules

13. Would you make fun of another person if they were not chosen? (Maturity is a key factor in our staff): no i will say sorry mate better luck next time if u wana get higher chance for your application is to help players respect staff and be active

14. Will you leave if you don't get that job?: no i wont leave because this is a promising server

15. Will you help other players on the server?: i will help players with anything they want whenever they want if they ask me when im busy i will drop what im doing and help them

16. How can we contact you?,MSN,Skype.(Skype\yahoo\msn are required to be apart of the staff): you can contact me on skype [ turb has me on skype so he can contact me ] and msn and facebook

17. A player reports another player saying that he just one hit another player, how would you solve this? : i will tell the person with perfect ring to give everything he got from him and if he doesnt i will permanetly ban him and tell rikua or turb what happend

something else i would say is i worked hard on this application so dont break it down to me hard Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Burger Boy for administrator [ i was mod for 5 or more days but that doesnt matter ]   Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:10 pm

enjoy Very Happy
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Burger Boy for administrator [ i was mod for 5 or more days but that doesnt matter ]
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