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 Accepted: Georgia

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Accepted: Georgia Empty
PostSubject: Accepted: Georgia   Accepted: Georgia Icon_minitimeSun Aug 21, 2011 4:49 pm

username: georgiaxx
age: 15 years old
location: united kingdom, wales
do i have expirence mod or admin: yes i have been a mod on 1 server and i was good and succeded
if yes what ones: helpful kind respectful
why should i be a mod: because im kind and helpful and respectful and stop people from breaking rules
any coding expirence: nope not at themoment
what will i do improve the server: help it out and imprve it by posting stuff on server
how would i ban hacker: give warning then another then ban them for hacking and breaking rules
will i abuse my powers: nop dont understand this one
spamming: warning then i will mute
will i make fun if person not have staff: no i woulldnt i would just say bad luck better luck next time
will i leave if i dont get staff: nope try again next time
will i help other people: yes i will all the time

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Accepted: Georgia
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