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 Game Moderator ( FORMAT)

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Owner Of The Forums And Co-Owner In-game
Owner Of The Forums And Co-Owner In-game

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PostSubject: Game Moderator ( FORMAT)   Game Moderator ( FORMAT) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 4:39 pm


1. Have been on the game for 3-5 days.
2. Have some experience about the game.
3. You are very nice and help players
4. Have good relationship with the staff and players.
5. 5 + Posts

1. Username:

2. Age:

3. Location:

4. Do you have experience of being an admin/mod on another server(s)?: (Don't lie because we will find out)

5. If yes, what ones?

6. Why should we choose you to be a mod?:
7. Any coding experience?

8. What will you do to improve the server?:

9. Will you abuse your powers?:

10. How would you ban a hacker?:

11."A player starts spamming the server with an auto shout". What would you do in this situation?

12. What will you do if a person asks you for an item?:

13. Would you make fun of another person if they were not chosen? (Maturity is a key factor in our staff):

14. Will you leave if you don't get that job?:

15. Will you help other players on the server?:

16. How can we contact you?,MSN,Skype.(Skype\yahoo\msn are required to be apart of the staff):

17. A player reports another player saying that he just one hit another player, how would you solve this?:
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Game Moderator ( FORMAT)
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